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3D Printing- The Possibilities are Endless
The 3D printing market is explosive, growing at a rapid pace predicted by Wohlers Associates to reach $21 billion by 2020.

While 3D printing giants like Stratasys and 3D Systems continue to buyout the market, an infinite amount of startups keep emerging in the industry. But it's not just 3D printing companies they are buying. Most recently Stratasys announced plans to acquire GrabCAD, makers of cloud-based collaboration and PDM software. Another good move for them was the acquisition of 3D printer company MakerBot last year.

3D Systems, on the other hand, has been strengthening their portfolio with 3D scanning companies like Geomagic and Rapidform. They've had around 20 acquisitions and still counting in the last few years.

In other big news this year, Autodesk announced their 3D printing platform Spark, along with plans to develop a 3D printer. Recently Local Motors announced they were using Spark in the design of their 3D printed car.

Aside from the business deals, what is most astonishing are the capabilities of 3D printing technology. The possibilities are endless- from 3D printed chocolate, artificial muscles, clothing, building structures and guns- the list goes on.

In this month's Industry Spotlight we’ve included some examples of how the CAD industry is using 3D printing in the automotive, medical, consumer products and fashion industries, plus all the latest news.

In addition we've brought back our Vendor Directory, which has some of the hottest newcomers to hit the scene.

September 2014
3D Printing's Explosive Growth Demonstrated at Rapid 2014
By Jill Jerabek, ConnectPress Editor
ConnectPress gets the scoop on this year's premier 3D printing event Rapid 2014, and SME's views on this explosive technology

Adobe Joins the 3D Printing Revolution with Latest Version of Photoshop Creative Cloud
By John Myers, ConnectPress Editor
Photoshop Creative Cloud now allows users to send their designs to a 3D printer within a single click. Adobe gives ConnectPress the details in this interview.

New in SOLIDWORKS 2015 – 3D Printing Support
By Jeremy Regnerus, the SOLIDWORKS Blog
Integrated 3D Printer Support in SOLIDWORKS 2015 makes printing directly to your 3D Printer simple and fast.

How Paper-based 3D Printing Works: The Technology and Advantages
By Mcor Technologies
Mcor Technologies offers 3D printers that use paper. Learn about the technology and advantages being used by both MCAD and AEC markets.

Autodesk Enters the 3D Printing Market
Compiled by ConnectPress
Announcing its intention to enter the 3D printing marketplace, Autodesk answers more questions on the upcoming 3D printing platform and 3D printer.

A New Mindset in Product Design: 3D Printing Can Help Bring Better Products to Market Faster
By Stratasys Inc.
This white paper looks at how 3D Printing can bring better products to market.

EGR Gets Parts Made Quickly by Quickparts
By 3D Systems
EGR talks about how they prepped four vehicles for the auto event SEMA and the role Quickparts played in having their 3D printed parts ready fast.

Bianchi Bikes Case Study
By Stratasys Inc.
The company produces prototype parts using a Dimension 3D Printer, including bicycle frames, forks, components for testing and model validation.

Doctors in Belgium Use Mcor Paper-based 3D Printing to Dramatically Reduce Surgical Time
By Mcor Technologies
Doctors at the Universite Catholique de Louvain in Belgium are using Mcor 3D printing to save time on surgeries and more than 20,000 Euros per year.

3D Proven Systems Brings 3D Printing to New Mexico
By John Myers, ConnectPress Editor
3D Proven Systems is one of the first 3D Systems resellers to come to the Albuquerque area. Is Albuquerque ready?

The Convergence of Drones and 3D Printing
By Robert Harwood, ANSYS
The next thing we know, when you see a drone it might not just deliver something, it might make something right in front of you.

3D Printing Disrupts and Inspires the Fashion World
By Jill Jerabek, ConnectPress Editor
Having made revolutionary changes to fields like architecture and medicine, 3D printing is now making itself felt in the fashion world.

Designs for Hope Brings Free Electricity to Remote Villages
By Stratasys
The group designs a device that would hold a generator on a bike to produce electricity using a Dimension 3D Printer.

World's First 3D-Printed Car Takes Inaugural Drive
Press Release Issued by Local Motors
Local Motors showcased Strati, their 3D printed car, at the International Manufacturing Technology Show earlier this September.

Optomec Receives Order from FAPS Institute to Enable Printing of Artificial Muscles
Press Release Issued by Optomec
Factory Automation and Production Systems (FAPS) Institute has purchased Optemec's Aerosol Jet Quad Print Engine to manufacture the muscles.

Successful 3D CAD Download Portal Gets Augmented with New 3D Printing and 3D Models Sharing Function Partcloud
Press Release Issued by CADENAS
PARTcommunity has now been augmented with the new PARTcloud function where 3D CAD models can be uploaded in the cloud and shared.

MakerBot Announces the Launch of MakerBot Europe
Press Release Issued by MakerBot
MakerBot's current resellers will transition into working with MakerBot Europe, and the new organization will be led by Alexander Hafner.

Formlabs Announces the Form 1+
Press Release Issued by Formlabs
The redesigned stereolithographic 3D printer offers superior prints at higher speeds.

Ion Core Announces Zinter Home
Press Release Issued by Ion Core
Ion Core's Zinter Home edition has the same large print area inside and is overall a 30% smaller unit than its predecessor.

Advanced Solutions Life Sciences Unveils BioAssemblyBot and TSIM Lab Quest Workstation
Press Release Issued by Advanced Solutions
Advanced Solutions Life Sciences division launched the BioAssemblyBot and TSIMLab Quest tabletop workstation for 3D printing.

DYNAMO 3D Brings 3D Printing Speed to a New Level with D3D ONE-EVO
Press Release Issued by DYNAMO 3D
DYNAMO 3D has launched the new D3D ONE EVO high speed 3D printer, featuring remote diagnostic control and high volume work plans.

MatterFab’s Industrial 3D Metal Printer Changes the Game for Metal Printing
Press Release Issued by MatterFab
MatterFab has announced its low cost industrial 3D metal printer is available now for the injection molding, medical, and aerospace industries.

Wohlers Report 2014 Uncovers Annual Growth of 34.9% for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Industry
Press Release Issued by Wohlers Associates
Wohlers Associates announced the publication of Wohlers Report 2014. The report marks the 19th consecutive year of its availability.

Dell Adds MakerBot 3D Printing to Enable End-to -End 3D Digital Prototyping Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
Press Release Issued by Dell
By adding MakerBot products engineers can design and test new product concepts quickly and architects can create 3D prototypes during the design phase.

RAPID 2014 on Pace for Largest in Conference's 24-Year History
Press Release Issued by Society of Manufacturing Engineers
The 3D printing conference has already confirmed more than 12,000 square feet in exhibitor space and is on pace to pass RAPID 2007's record of 17,000.

3D Systems Mainstreams Consumer 3D Printing With a Dozen New Products at CES 2014
Press Release Issued By 3D Systems
3D Systems showcased over a dozen 3D printers targeted for the consumer at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

CES Sets the Stage for MakerBot Launch of Expanded MakerBot 3D Printing Platform and Ecosystem with a Whole New Generation of 3D Printers and 3D Content
Press Release Issued by CES
Announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), MakerBot debuted its fifth generation of new 3D printers.

Autodesk and Local Motors Collaborate on First Spark 3D Platform Implementation
Press Release Issued by Autodesk
Autodesk is collaborating with Local Motors, who is using the company's Spark platform to develop the Strati, the world's first 3D printed car.

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Industry Expected to Quadruple in Size in Four Years
Press Release Issued by Wohlers Associates
Wohlers Associates, Inc. expects worldwide revenues from the additive manufacturing and 3D printing industry to reach $12.8 billion by 2018.

Mark One: World's First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Now Available for Order
Press Release Issued by MarkForged 3D
Announced in February, MarkForged released the Mark One 3D Printer. They'll be shipping the second half of this year. Put in your presale order today.

Sculpteos 3D Printing Now Supported by Adobe Photoshop CC
Press Release Issued by Sculpteo
The support of Sculpteo allows Adobe Photoshop users to access their machine profiles and 3D printing technology.

Swedish Company Launches the First Fume Free Desktop 3D Printer
Press Release Issued by Magicfirm
The ZYYX desktop 3D printer, the first designed in Sweden, has innovative solutions to the major issues facing current users of 3D printers.